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Research and compare rental car rates and prices online. Tired of paying inflated rental car prices? Choose a car type or rental agency to view available daily and weekly car rental rates, or receive a personalized price quote online today.

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Rental Car Rates FAQ
Question: What is Estimated Car Rental Price?
Answer: The Estimated Car Rental Price includes the total of all known rates, taxes, fees, surcharges and applicable drop off charges that you must pay either by law or by local policy for the length of a particular car rental request. This rental car price does not include optional services such as insurance waivers, special equipment, mileage charges, or gasoline etc. It also does not include extra day or hour charges that can result from a late return of the rental car. This car rental price is provided so you can better estimate the total price you may pay to the rental car company for your car, but is not a guarantee of your total charges.

Question: Are there special taxes for car rentals in countries outside of the US?
Answer: Yes, there can be some mandatory taxes that are only applied in certain countries. Check with the car company when you are picking up your car.

Question: Are taxes and insurance included in the quoted rental car rate?
Answer: No, taxes and insurance are not included in the quoted rental car rate.

Question: What is the difference between base car rental rate and total charges?
Answer: The base car rental rate is the amount of the rental before any taxes, service fees or mandatory insurance charges are included. Total charges would include all additional fees.

Question: What are CDW, PAI, TPI, VAT, VLF and airport taxes? Do I have to pay them?

Answer: CDW is Collision Damage Waiver, PAI is Personal Accident Insurance, TPI is
Theft Protection Insurance, VAT is Value Added Tax, and VLF is Vehicle License Fee. Airport taxes are the fees that the airports charge to car companies for the use of their terminals, railroads, and roads; plus other service charges mandated by the airport. Yes, some of these various taxes and charges are mandatory and you will be advised of them at the time of car pick up.

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